K-TECH Vacuum Valves


 Shut-off Valves

Comprehensive bellows sealed range

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For general purpose HV and UHV applications.

Available as right-angled or inline (including Y-line) in CF, KF, ISO and tube end formats.

Offering corrosion resistance and capable of withstanding bake-out of up to 200degC.

Choice of manual operation, pneumatic and electromagnetic actuation in both Aluminium and SS variants.

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 Gate Valves

Broad range of valves for all budgets and needs

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For all HV and UHV applications to isolate pumps and process chambers.

Available in CF, KF, ISO fittings, and a choice of fluorocarbon and copper bonnet versions.

Standard units are 100,000-cycle+ usage, while heavy duty models come with 1 million cycle between maintenance.

Choice of manual operation or pneumatic actuation.

Pneumatic valves auto-close/remain closed in the event of power or pressure loss.

 Ball Valves

Low-cost manually operated range of valves

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For general course and high vacuum usage.

Available in SS on KF fittings.

Easy maintenance of seals.

 Butterfly Valves

Easy turn operation for simple open and close

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For all purposes.

Choice of connection on either CF, KF or ISO fittings.

 Vent Valves

Simple yet effective air admittance valves

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For all purposes.

Easy connection on KF fittings.






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