Leading Technology for Thin-Film Deposition


Designed for all cutting-edge materials research (Nanocoatings, MBE, Surface Science, PVD...) and pre-production coating applications.
We can offer turnkey sputtering, nanoparticle, e-beam, ion-beam and PLD systems with an emphasis on configuration flexibility.

Alternatively, we can offer a 'design and implement' service where we use your concepts to design a custom system which are then built and tested for you to agreed specifications.


details upon request


Sputtering Magnetrons  


For both HV and UHV applications offering wider deposition coatings.

Available in 1", 2", 3"+ diameter target sources, with RF or DC operation.

Grounded water-cooled, with integral gas feed to allow higher pressure operation above sputter target.

CF63, CF100 and CF150 standard mountings respectively.

Chimney and shutter options available, as well as balanced/unbalanced and high strength magnet arrays.

Power sources and controllers available.

Linear sources also available.


E-Beam Evaporators


Fully UHV compatible for use with thin film doping and small area surface science applications.

Electron beam targets the source material.

Single pocket and four pocket source options allowing co-evaporation.

High efficiency achieved.

Water-cooled operation.

Power range from 200-1500W, fully controllable.


Thermal Evaporators


UHV compatibility for surface science applications such as annealing, chemical passivation, removal of residual O2 and low temperature cleaning.

Minimal power consumption, up to a max of 100W, and with a low operating temp of <100degC, water-cooled, managing substantial dissocation.

Uses E-beam heating technology and is ideal for use with reactive gases such as O2, H and Cl.






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