Vacuum Chambers


For all HV and UHV applications, including deposition processes.


We offer vacuum process chambers, vessels and assemblies manufactured to customer drawings & specifications.


Available in SS 304, SS 316 and Mu-metal variants. Aluminium construction also possible. Square and Rectangular Box chambers as well as Cylindrical, Domed and Spherical chambers catered for.


Pyrex Bell Jars with domed guards supplied as standard dimensions or made-to-order.

Standard SS chamber sizes and port configurations are available, and may be modified to suite requirements. All flange styles can be used in conjunction with your  chamber, subject to them being used for HV or UHV applications.


Discuss your application and requirements with us and let us help you design a practical and cost effective system.




Custom Vacuum Assemblies


For all HV and UHV applications.


We supply custom vacuum fabrications, manufactured to customer drawings & specifications.


Modified and bespoke flanges

Custom length nipples and other tubulated pipework

Multiple ported tubulations

Flight tubes

Chamber collars

Supporting frames

Custom length flanged reducers

Flange-to-flange adaptors



Discuss your application and design requirements with us.























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